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A Doctor Who fan from way back. I also get into Star Trek, LOTR and many other things. I'm interested in lots of stuff, so I won't limit it to these shows. This blog will be about anything and everything that is of interest to me, but it will be mostly Doctor Who and a splash of whatever else I may feel like posting.

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  1. OK…. One more Video I omitted yesterday.

    It’s from Harvey Cedars on LBI.  This is approx. midway between Ship Bottom and Barnegat Light.  This is a vid that really goes with the older ones from yesterday.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t uploaded it with the others.  Harvey Cedars seems to harder hit than at Barnegat Light.  Still most buildings are still standing.  To all on the Jersey Shore…. Stay strong and keep faith that it can be rebuilt and repaired.